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Clients / Jesus and Mary College
Area / 60,000 sqft + 25,000 sqft Auditorium
Year of Completion / Auditorium 2007, Under Construction

Some of the buildings have been restored in certain areas, and renovated in other areas. The college block has been restored at most points to its former glory, with certain elements taken from the auditorium block to create a unified look. The brick façade has been redone with brick tile to give a better and clearer finish. The floor addition has made use of both new and old elements to tie everything in together.

Jesus and Mary College is one of Delhi University’s premier graduate schools. The school had been functioning out of a temporary and rather small hall for all its functions. The school, run by Christian nuns of the Convent of Jesus and Mary, approached us to design a large multipurpose auditorium to seat 1000 people.

The rectilinear massiveness of the structure is softened with curvilinear edges and stepped blocking.
The triple height entrance lobby is a result of the creation of a balcony level and its play with the ceremonious plinth. The plinth itself is connected to the ground through a staircase that is infused with the ramp to create a very well-utilized landscape space. Its own curve further enhances the auditorium block, while the landscaped area around the auditorium fits right around the form.