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Clients / Renaissance School
Area / 80,000 sqft
Year of Completion / Under Construction

This school was to be designed to bring about a sense of community by merging the inside with the outside. This idealogy helped the architects formulate a design concept that built the classroom around a central landscaped zone where the landscape culminates into an amphitheatre forming the big but simple design gesture.

The central green has been combined with a water feature that doubles up as a water harvesting point helping with the water scarcity that is seen in these parts of India.

The amphitheatre also provides for connectivity between floors.

These floors are connected by ramps that also become walkways that provide various vantage points to view school activities.

A bridge over the central landscape area creates a connection between the two sides that eases the circulation, and visually holds together the entire central area.

The use of traditional dome-shaped pavilions along with the staggering plan, are other features of the indigenous style.