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Clients / Delhi Catholic Archdiocese
Area / 10,000 sqft
Year of Completion / 2007

This is a church filled with rich detailing that give it a subtle elegance, like the stained glass on the lanterns and the statue of Christ in the niche at the roof ridge. There is a play of sloping roofs between that of the lantern, the foyer, and the nave itself, which has a sloped plane before its own roof starts. There is an intimate scale inside, with a simple yet powerful altar treatment that has a beach wood backdrop for the cross, with a wood panelled ceiling. The Dholpur cladding, white interiors gives a light and airy feeling to the space., which is punctuated well with wood detailing.

This is built for the Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi. The church has been designed in the form of a sector where the all the lines of sight converge at the centre which becomes the altar. The convergence also helps to direct the light aptly to create an ethereal space. The skylight over the altar further enhances this quality.
The church is equipped with a balcony that provides for a more seating area and also helps to create a large and welcoming double height entrance.