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Clients / Trivandrum International School
Area / 60,000 sqft (in phases)
Year of Completion / Under Construction

The first phase of this preschool was to house 200 students over 15,000 sqft. The site was in Technopark in a 40-cent plot, so achieving horizontality in the massing was key.

An element of play also needed to be incorporated within the structure to respond to the innate playfulness and curiosity of toddlers. The circulation tube acts as the spine of the building, made out of a tensile material, that allows children inside to climb, slide, or roll. The intention was to not only provide them with options for movement, but also lend a dynamic sense of motion to the exterior.

Building as a Learning Aid (BALA) was used wherever possible through the pergola shadows in the semi-open corridors, and the abacus-like jali pattern on the facade.